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A New Dawn in Albert Ilemobade Library, FUTA!


Albert Ilemobade Library

A  New Dawn in Albert Ilemobade Library, FUTA!

Did you know that Albert Ilemobade Library, Federal University of Technology now provides a host of new value-added services?

AIL FUTA is aware of the high expectations of the 21st Century information user. The Library Management and staff are therefore leaving no stones unturned in their effort to provide innovative, user-centered and inclusive services to their teeming user population in FUTA.

These are no longer the days of slow and unexciting services. From our technical services, to Readers’ services – there is a continuous and persistent positive change that will keep our users satisfied and fulfilled.

Some of the new services you can now enjoy in the Library include:

  • The Library Study Lounge

The Library Study Lounge was launched on 9th August, 2018 to provide a relaxation space in contrast to the serious atmosphere of the reading rooms. One can enjoy interesting programmes on the widescreen television, read current newspapers, browse on the University hotspot and converse uninhibited in the Library Lounge. The comfortable furniture gives library clients a feeling of a home away from home , so come in an enjoy this facility.


  • User Registration Made Easy

Have you been discouraged from being a library user because of the long queues and slow services? Albert Ilemobade Library has simplified the process of registration. Simply Log into the library registration page on: www.futa.edu.ng/futalibrary or use the quick link on the University Website, fill the online form and endorse it in the Circulation Unit to complete the process.


  • Automated Services

Leveraging on the affordances of Information Technology, our services have gone automated. Borrowing library resources is now automated and only takes a fraction of the time it used to take.





  • AIL Online Catalogue now revived

The AIL Online Public Access Catalogue OPAC is now accessible on the University Intranet. Access the library collection from your offices, classrooms or hostels on the Intranet Services tab on the FUTA Hotspot Login Page to access the Catalogue. Still a Work In Progress, in a matter of time it will be launched unto the World Wide Web (WWW) and will then become accessible anytime, anywhere in the world.


  • FUTA Scholar is Up and Running

Our Institutional Repository, an online archive where digital versions of documents and publications generated within the University are uploaded is now active. Search for Masters and PhD theses, lectures, speeches and other documents. To access this Database go to the Intranet Services tab on the FUTA Hotspot Login Page and click on DSPACE. This project will go fully online on the WWW on completion.


  • Scholarly Databases are Available

Have you used EBSCOHost, CALIBRE and TEEAL? These databases are available for use. Search EBSCOHOST on search.ebscohost.com and visit the University Login page for other databases. Take advantage of the high quality, impact journals and peer-reviewed articles on these databases to set your research apart and make your research experience more rewarding than ever before.


Check out the Postgraduate Research Library, Reading Rooms, The E-Resources Unit and other interesting places and services. More innovative services are on their way. You are Welcome to the Library!

Do you have any good ideas for us?

Are our services poor in any respect?

Do you need further directions as to library services?


Please send your recommendations, opinions/criticisms and commendations to librarian@futa.edu.ng.


Dr. B.O. Gbadamosi

University Librarian

Albert Ilemobade Library, FUTA