FUTA Overview

Course Allocation, 2015/2016 1st semester


We wish to inform the staff and students of the Department and the Univeristy at large that the course allocation for 1st semester 2015/2016 session is as follows:


 1. STA101 Introduction to Statistics and Probability I  Prof. Ayinde
 2. STA103 Statistical Inference I Dr. Akomolafe
 3. STA201 Probability Distribution I Mr. Ojo & Mrs Bodunwa 
 4. STA203 Statistical Method I Mr. Adepetun
 5. STA301  Distribution Theory Mr. Alabi & Mr. Olamide 
 6. STA303 Analysis of Variance Mr. Kupolusi
 7. STA305 Statistical Inference I  Mr. Olopha
 8. STA307 Sample Survey I Mr. Ewemooje & Mr. Adepetun 
 9. STA309 Statistical Computing and Data Analysis Mr. Oseni
10. MTS327 General Applied Statistics Mrs. Bodunwa
11. MTS331 Introduction to Social Economic Statistics Mr. Bello
12. MTS421 Statistical Quality Control Mr. Oseni & Mr. Ewemooje
13. MTS423 Operations Research II Mr. Bello & Mr. Kupolusi
14. MTS425 Statistical Inference II Mr. Olopha & Mr. Ojo
15. MTS427 Biometry Mrs. Aladeniyi
16. MTS429 Sample Survey II Dr. Adebola
17. MTS433 Non-Parametric Methods Mr. Olamide
18. MTS521 Multivariate Statistics Dr. Ajiboye & Mr. Alabi
19. MTS529 Demography Dr. Gayawan
20. MTS533 Medical Statistics Dr. Makinde & Mrs. Aladeniyi
21. MTS821 Advanced Statistical Methods Prof. Ayinde
22. MTS823 Sampling Theory Dr. Adebola
23. MTS825 Time Series Analysis Dr. Makinde
24. MTS827 Statistical Computing Dr. Ajiboye
25. MTS829 Biometry Dr. Akomolafe
26 MTS831 Multivariate Statistics Dr. Gayawan



NOTE: Other Departments that offer some of our courses at 300level and below are to take note of the following:

1.Probability Distribution formerly known as MTS221 is now STA201

2.Distribution Theory formerly known as MTS321 is now STA301

3.Sample Survey I formerly known as MTS329 is now STA307 

Members of Staff are adviced to visit the Department for a copy of RESPONSIBILITIES /COMMITTEES ALLOCATION!